We’ve regained vineys.net !

Sooo, Unscrupulous-Domain-Reseller, how did swiping my Domain name, vineys.net, work out for you?

Not that well, huh?

Two years ago, in November 2012, our e-mail died. I quickly realized that we missed the renewal for our Domain because Go Daddy had an out of date e-mail address on record and I did not receive the renewal notice. Before I could get the Domain renewed, the Jackwagon-Domain-Reseller scooped it up. The price to get it back was $250. Since I was unwilling to pay that, I obtained vineys.org. I kept checking on it every so often. About a year ago it dropped to $150. Nope, still not good enough.

At the end of this past November, I get an e-mail asking if I was interested in buying it. Hmmm . . . they’re getting desperate. I check on the Domain and find that vineys.net is coming up for renewal, but the current owner hasn’t renewed it yet. I checked the following week and its status now shows REDEMPTION PERIOD. They aren’t renewing it. I contact Go Daddy and they put a backorder on the Domain for me. This past week it was fully released and placed in my account . . . without having to pay the extortionists. I set up the alias’ for our our e-mail and connected it to this site so we can be reached at either vineys.net or vineys.org.

We had the Domain for quite a few years before it was taken and it feels great to have it back.

Welcome to our new home . . .

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are back with a new domain:  vineys.org

Due to our moves from Washington to Nevada, then another move after that, we lost track of when our domain came due for renewal.  Unfortunately, the e-mail address that Go Daddy had on file for us was out of date.  Actually, it was ancient!!  Our first indication that something was amiss was when our e-mail stopped working,  When I contacted Go Daddy, to renew the domain, I found that it had already been sold out from under me to a Domain Reseller.  If I want it back, I will have to pay through the nose for it.  We’ve had that domain for years and wish we could keep it, but we’re not willing to pay an outrageous sum to get it back.  So, here we are on vineys.org and Go Daddy has updated contact information for us.  So all should be good from here on out.

I’m working on getting our Genealogy site back up.  At least I had recently backed up the GEDCOM file.  I have to track backups of the photos though.

It’ll take a while to get up and rolling again, but hey, it’s an adventure.